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What is zqc and The Z Quarter Circle?

The ZQC Branding Iron

Contrary to popular belief, zqc does not stand for Zenophobic Quarantine Club, it is short for Z Quarter Cirlce, my Grandfathers brand (Branding Iron image to the right). zqc.com is where I post thoughts and whatnot that mean something to me. Right now, I am not leaving room to post replies on this site; I really want to KISS this blog (Keep It Simple Stupid). If you feel an unquenchable desire to reply to something on here just throw it at me on Twitter or Facebook

I have been on computers and internet thingies for 2 decades (back in the FIDONet days). It is my intent to make this site a fusion of the new(ish) social feedia stuff and old school *nix ways (if any of this is confusing, google it).

Everything here is solely my (Justin Zeigler's) opinion, and should in no way reflect or imply positions of the organizations and other things I support, oppose, notice or ignore...